Love for an alien

KƎcomics are excited to announce the release of ‘Love for an Alien’, the new Christmas single from Beats of War’s DJ E.T and Jaded Jane, which will be available on streaming platforms worldwide on Thursday 20th December 2020.

The Beats of War comics stars DJ E.T, a superhero who comes to Earth to find a way to save his home planet from robot invaders and in the process discovers music.

Following debut single ‘Dat Juice’, ‘Love for an Alien’ was inspired by DJ E.T’s journey coming to planet Earth, meeting human beings and finally being introduced to music, dance and the arts.

The song depicts DJ E.T landing on earth and the first impressions he has, such as finding himself in an Arcade Hall with neon signs and meeting a person, could be a girl or a friend being kind to him, showing him love and welcoming him to this new planet. The song was written by Axel Jane Olsson, Jerry Sillah and Etienne Kubwabo.